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We are a team of fully qualified PGCE QTS teachers in Balsall Heath, Birmingham. As fully qualified teachers we are able to help our students make significant progress by providing differentiated work to meet individual needs. We can also put effective interventions in place for pupils who require extra support.

You may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of tuition centres do not have tutors with PGCE and QTS qualifications which are mandatory requirements to teach in a state school. This may also be hindering the amount of support your child receives thus effecting the overall progress they make.

Guaranteed Pupil Progress

Most of our GCSE students have improved by an average of 3 GCSE Grades. Don’t just take our word for it – you can read the case studies below.

Secondary Case Studies:

Bilal (Yr 7) – Under-performing student went from struggling with SATs to now solving Trigonometry Questions!

Bilal struggled at school and was brought to us by his concerned dad. Bilal is naturally bright however, he did not receive the support he needed to satisfy his curiosity and intellect at school.

Our teachers saw that Bilal was intelligent and thus they were able to provide a tailored scheme of work which saw Bilal struggling with basic Mathematical operations to now being able to solve GCSE grade 5 Trigonometry questions using SOHCAHTOA! He is set to take his GCSE Maths and Science in Year 9.

Sanya (Yr 9) – GCSE Grade 1 to Grade 7 in a few months!

Sanya has made excellent progress since attending our tuition centre in Balsall Heath. Sanya is another bright student who was underperforming at school due to various reasons.

She has worked progressively starting from GCSE Grade 1 and is now working at GCSE Grade 6/7. She has also recently been moved from the Foundation Set to the Higher Set in both Maths & Science.

This has boosted her confidence and is no longer afraid of trying difficult questions.

Fatima (Yr 11) – GCSE Grade 2 to Grade 9 in a few months!

Similar to Sanya, Fatima was very weak at both Maths and Science. When she started attending Qualified Tutors Birmingham, she was struggling to understand Grade 2 questions and was due to sit foundation papers.

However, in a short space of time our Tutors were able to help her exceed her target Grade 4 and now working at Grade 9 in Maths and Science!

Primary Case Studies:

Sahil (Yr 3) Diagnosed as SEN – now solving GCSE Grade 3 questions!

Sahil was diagnosed as having Special Education Needs (SEN) by his school when he was in Year 2. Sahil has been attending our tuition centre since. During this time we have helped him develop his foundations in both literacy and numeracy. He is now one of the top pupils in his class and regularly outperforms his peers. He enjoys Mathematical challenges and is even able to solve GCSE questions!

Hasan (Yr 4) from struggling with Maths & English to solving GCSE Grade 3 questions!

Hasan was really struggling with Maths and English at school. After attending QualifiedTutors regularly he has successfully completed all his learning objectives for Year 4 and is steaming ahead with Year 5 learning objectives.

Moreover, he no longer hides himself when it comes to challenges and is willing to even attempt GCSE Grade questions!

This is a significant improvement from when he started.

Danyal (Yr 6) from struggling with Maths & English to solving GCSE Grade 5 questions!

After 9 months of tuition Danyal is one of most able students. He was struggling with literacy and numeracy for SATs and was averaging 25-35% on tests.

He is now one of the top attainers and regularly scores between 85-95% on literacy and numeracy tests.

He will be joining our GCSE class with the view to take his GCSE Maths and Science in Year 9.

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