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Welcome to Birmingham Tuition Centre

Are you looking for a Birmingham Tuition Centre? Would you like Fully Qualified Teachers with PGCE and QTS to help your child with Maths, English and Science?


Did you know that according to OFSTED, thousands of bright children are being “systematically failed" by England’s Schools. 


At Qualified Tutors, Edgbaston, we understand that GCSEs are extremely important for your child’s future, so we take their education seriously!

Students being systematically
failed by local schools!

Our teachers are Qualified Secondary School specialists holding the coveted PGCE and QTS qualifications. This means that we can provide extensive support for your child in order for them to make significant progress – our recent test scores showed an improvement of 220%!


We can put in place interventions as well as provide bespoke differentiated materials to suit your child’s academic level. This is absolutely vital if your child is struggling with any of the subjects.

Birmingham Tuition Centre

Students Attainment & Progress
well below National Average.

How can our Tuition Centre in Birmingham help your child?

At Birmingham Tuition Centre we have designed a bespoke tuition programme which is suitable for pupils aged 5 – 16 years. Our focused approach means that we can support pupils during their key development phase and build the foundations of cognitive skills necessary for effective learning.


Our curriculum is designed by PGCE QTS qualified teachers as well Montessori experts. This means we can provide our pupils a private education embedded in the Montessori ethos whilst maintaining the quality and rigor of the National Curriculum.


This combination means that our pupils work parallel to mainstream schools thus they build and develop key mathematical skills required at Key Stage 2 allowing them to excel at Maths in school. This forms a solid foundation for further development in secondary school.


In fact, many of our pupils start GCSE type questions from as early as 8 years old and they love the challenge!

West Midlands educational performance
one of the worst in UK

Sahil (Yr 4) Diagnosed as SEN – now solving GCSE Grade 3 questions!


Sahil was diagnosed as having Special Education Needs (SEN) by his school when he was in Year 2. Sahil has been attending our tuition centre since.


During this time we have helped him develop his foundations in both literacy and numeracy. He is now one of the top pupils in his class and regularly outperforms his peers. He enjoys Mathematical challenges and is even able to solve GCSE questions!

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